7 ways to enjoy the colder, darker mornings and evenings

It’s the most wonderful tiiiimmmee of the year…

^^ know the song?

Far from the most wonderful time if you speak to many people.

Or is it?

Does energy flow where your attention goes?


Here are 7 ways to enjoy the colder, darker mornings and evenings:

  1. Get outside – light is great for us (not the one from screens). 
  2. Vitamin D – it’s a Public Health recommendation between October and April and can help with SAD (seasonally affective disorder) and not to mention your immune system 
  3. Get into a routine – go to bed and get up at the same time 
  4. Have a high protein breakfast –  this can keep you full for longer and help to take your mind off of food 
  5. Fill up on soups and stews – warming and super nutrient dense 
  6. Act based on how you want to feel rather than how you currently feel 
  7. Stress? – one of the most stressful things about getting enough sleep is thinking about getting enough sleep. Meditation can help restfulness regardless of whether you fall to sleep.  
  8. Sleep hygiene – make sure your bedroom isn’t too warm, avoid emails before bed, have a warm shower or bath before bed 

And finally write down 5 things you love about the colder months:

Here are mine:

  1. Coming in from the cold and feeling the warmth at home 
  2. Pigs in blankets
  3. Crisp, cold, and frosty sunny mornings 
  4. More coffee to warm me up 😋 
  5. Christmas time and more family time 
  6. Pigs in blankets
  7. Roast dinners 
  8. Soups and stews 😋 quick, easy and make bulk cooking easy
  9. I don’t have to refrigerate my lunch if on the go 😋 

Ready for the most wonderful time of the year?

Matt ‘in a blanket’ Fruci

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