7 Foods To Help You Poop (plus my secret poop syrup…)

It’s popped (not ‘pooped’) up nearly every day in the last week…

^^^ And that's not including the endless talk about how many times my Ottilie (my daughter) has pooed...how soft it is...OK, OK..I'll stop.

The question I keep getting is:

What foods can help me poo as I'm constipated and feel bloated?

So, let’s get things moving with these 7 foods:

1) Beans – They’re not called the ‘musical fruit’ for nothing…

Try kidney beans in a chilli?

Chickpeas in a salad?

Lentils in a stew?

Broad beans as a veg?

Full of fibre, a source of protein, and even count as a portion of veg.

PLUS…they’re great in stews and soups to bulk them out, make your meat go further and fill you up (which might curb a craving or two)

2) Popcorn-

I may be biased here…

Because I love popcorn!

Did you know that popcorn has 2 more grams of fibre in than that ‘super duper food’ oats?

3) Prunes – Just don’t eat too many…LETHAL

4) Green veggies – Boring, I know…

But they’re full of fibre.


Can help to feed your good bacteria in your gut to boost your immune system and beat that lurgy

Plus, they’ll fill your plate…Which might just help ‘trick’ you into eating less high sugar and fatty foods!

5) Cauliflower – A great source of soluble and insoluble fibre (the latter helping things flow…)

CAUTION: It can get a bit windy…

6) Nuts and seeds – Another good source of fibre (and fats)…

Perhaps try mixing in some nuts and seeds into some Greek Yoghurt for some good bacteria to help your digestion and ease your bloating (unless you don't agree with dairy, of course...)

7) Coffee – I know…It’s not a food.

But, they don’t call it ‘poop juice’ for nothing. You probably know by now that I love the stuff. 

Plus, it might have a ton of other benefits too (Coffee drinkers live forever, I heard)

^^^ My bad Costa habit isn’t so bad after all, ay?


These are just foods.

And as you probably know…

It’s your overall eating and exercise habits that will help you ditch the bloated tummy for good.

Speak soon,

Matt ‘Former Chief Scientist at Andrex’ Fruci

PS. if you REALLY need to poo. Like, right now. Try this:

3 tbsp of sweetcorn
2tbsp of flaxseed / linseed

Wash it down with water...

PPS. I have a free trial starting next Monday 15th for 5 ladies on my Shape Up Shift. Hit REPLY with YES to learn more. 

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