6 Things That May Surprise You About Christmas…

The big day has been and gone (the wife’s birthday is also on Christmas Day ;-)))

Santa took one too many mince pies

Rudolph nibbled at the carrot

Warmth flooded your home as you exchanged gifts with loved ones…

The scrumptious goose-grease wafted..

And all that’s left is enough turkey to feed the 5000 (which is why I’m off to Nando’s…I joke)

Or rather…

Do we wish that’s all we’re left with?

Because here’s 6 things that may surprise you…

1) The average 10 year old owns 238 toys…but plays with 12 of them

2) On average, our homes have more TVs / ithings than people. And these TV’s / ithings are turned on for more than 8 hours a day

3) You spend 8 years of your life shopping (I’m just imagining walking around Primark with the wife for 8 years…)

4) You spend 153 days of your life looking for items you lose…with the mobile phone topping that list, followed by keys (I’m always losing my keys…)

5) The average British shopper spent £508 on toys and games for each child in 2013  (have we got twins on the way?!?!?!?)..

^^^ Read this one and then read number 1 again!

6) There are 300,000 items in the average home

And what I’m leading up to is this:

Do we really NEED any more materialistic STUFF to make us happy?

Is all this STUFF wasting more of your time?

Time that could be spent with loved ones?

Time spent sleeping so you can have more energy and be more productive?

Time spent preparing a few simple, yet nutritious meals for all of the family so you can ditch the stomach fat and feel more confident in your favourite clothes…

Without having to cook separate meals for the family because you’re on ANOTHER diet

And this is exactly why I have put in place a simple nutrition system in Female Fat Loss Mastery

Because losing weight and keeping it off is SIMPLE (I’m not necessarily saying it’s easy)

And despite what they tell you about needing ‘diet pills’, detoxes, and ‘miracle’ herbal teas to ditch the love handles

I’m here to tell you that this definitely is NOT the case

After all, how many toys does a kid say they NEED (I think my old lists were longer than 238…)?

^^^ Scroll back up for the answer

My point?

Ditch the yoyo dieting, enjoy your food again, and stop blaming yourself for piling the weight back on

Applications for Female Fat Loss Mastery close January 15th for you to start your 7-day FREE trial

Go here to apply: https://frucifit.com/fatlossmastery/


PS. Even Dora (my black lab) got 2 presents this year 🙂


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