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5 Keys To Success (important)

So yesterday I promised you I was going to give you my 5 Keys To Success

These 5 Success Truths are the pillars for fitness and wellness

In fact, if you apply these 5 steps, you’re likely to never have to struggle with your weight or fitness ever again…

Sound too good to be true?  It’s not.

These Keys to Success work in order and only work when you do them all together.

So starting right now, and over the next few days, I’m going to give you each of the 5 Keys and help you to apply them to your life – so you can conquer your goals… forever.

One more thing – the greatest reason most people never reach their fitness goals is: they try doing it all alone…. 

I’m going to set you up for success by showing you how to implement the 5 Keys of Success over the coming days…

But I need your commitment that you’re going to be open to sharing the things that have been holding you back so I can help you overcome them. 


Great! Let’s do this!

Key # 1 – Your Why Map

Imagine lockdown has ended and you want to get to the other side of the country by car. 

What would you need?

Besides your car, you would need a Map (or a Sat Nav if you’re like me) and you would need enough petrol / diesel / electricity 😉 to get you there right?

Well, when it comes to creating the body and health you desire you need to have an exact Road Map of how to get there – a proven plan.  

And you need to have enough Fuel – your motivating reasons of why your goals are important to you.

But having a detailed plan on how to get to your goals is only half the battle…

The other half is having enough compelling reasons why it’s important for you to succeed and why failure is is harder than success 

^^^ read that again 

This is why 99% of people fall off… they never take the time to truly create enough good reasons to succeed.

Want to know my #1 reason to stay fit and healthy?

To have the energy and health l need to be the best Dad I can be to my kids..

^^ don’t worry close behind that is family and having the energy to share what we do at Fruci Fit as I know it is truly life changing  

Can you now see how having compelling reasons vs just saying “I want to lose weight”, will help give you the fuel to reach your goals?

When you have clarity on your WHY, you’ll never fail!

So here are your action items for creating your Why Map

Creating Your Why Map

(**copy the questions below and paste and reply to this email with your answers so I can help you get 100% clarity and direction)

In the next 90 days, I will improve my body and health in the following ways…

(How do you want your body to look and feel? Make it a positive “I statement”)

I have been held back and limited by the following actions…

(What are you doing or not doing that’s keeping you from your goals?)

By not being the best version of myself, I am missing out on…

(what is the true cost of not reaching your goals?)

I will do whatever it takes to reach my goal because…

(list out all your compelling reasons why)

I will take the first step towards my goal today by accomplishing…

(what 1-3 small steps can you take today?)

That’s it! Once you’ve answered these 5 questions, you’ll have your own set of compelling reasons to fuel you all the way to your fitness goals!

Look out for my next blog with Key To Success 2 of 5.

Matt “small habits” Fruci

Ps. make sure you send me your responses, simply reply to this email )