There are only 2 things in life

There are actually only TWO things in life when you make it really simple:

1) The stuff that works

2) The stuff that doesn't work

Now, me and you both want number 1, right?

Surely, we'd be healthier and happier?

Well, that's what I thought. 

Until I realised that when I look back at some of the stuff that's happened to me. My biggest struggles. AKA the stuff that didn't work...

My battle with anorexia.

My fear of public speaking.

^^^ these both led me to breakthroughs that have made me do more of the 'things that work'.

And it's no different when trying to make 2018 the year you get slimmer and lighter.

You see, once upon a time I'd have ALL of the ladies count calories. Every single one of them. 

Until I realised that you're busy. Some days you just don't want to do it. I mean it only takes 5 minutes but even I can't do it all of the time. 

Especially this time of year when despite all this 'new year, new me' talk...I actually find it quite hard to motivate myself.

I mean, counting calories and points works very, very well for some. They lose weight, learn what foods work for them and keep the weight off for good.

for others?

It's a nuisance. Confusing. And ANOTHER stress on top of your work, emails, cleaning, cooking, shopping, name it.

And this all took me to the 3 key principles I now teach in my Rapid Shape Up Shift:

1) How to feed your body the nutrients it needs to stay full up, give yourself permission to eat ANY food you like, and feel get slimmer and healthier without counting every, single calorie or feeling 'guilty' if you sinned...

2) How to tone your body and lose unwanted fat without spending hours in a gym

3) How to eat out / enjoy the same foods as your family on an evening so you don't have to waste hours cooking seperatly and wondering what's healthy and what's not 

Because the truth is:

Counting calories and points DO work.

When you can do it.

But if you can't do it?

It's not going to work for you.

Which is why I meet you where you're at.

And teach you my simple, common sense approach to this toning up stuff that isn't another full-time job in itself. 

Because - I'll be honest - I became quite uncomfortable recommending something that I couldn't stick to myself. 

I mean, having a little one and fitting all my work in was tough. So, I just adopted a common sense approach to eating using my Healthy Meal Maker which I show you in your free trial

Because you REALLY can fit back into your size 12 clothes without counting a calorie or a point...FAST!

Just as Karen mentioned the other week by fitting into her NEW size 12 clothes 🙂

To learn more, click the link below:


In short, this will help you build a health way of eating, tone up and fit back into your favourite clothes without counting points, banning foods or spending hours in a gym.

The free trial starts on Monday by the way.

Matt 'simple minded' Fruci

PS. did you know that you'll also receive a free copy of my new book:

SHIFT: Simple Guide To Helping Busy Ladies Think Differently and Get Their Bodies Back

All included in your free trial 🙂

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