My #1 stress hack…

My #1 stress hack ​​that’s so simple both you (and me) overlook it.

But I’m beginning to notice how powerful it is the more I do it.

Because you and me both know that the #1 trigger that leaves us eating our emotions?


^^^which is escalated by tiredness >>> leading to less prefrontal activation in the brain >>>and a reduced ability to make better – informed, more intelligent decisions about the choices you make, from the food you eat (be it due to work, hme life, boredom eating!) to how irritable you respond to loved ones…

And I get it. When I’m tired and stressed, the smallest of things annoy me, from a washing machine full of clothes that need hanging out to the wet patch on my bed where my daughter had left me a present prior to her bath time (and no it wasn’t me who wet the bed….)…

So what’s this stress hack?


For me, this could be as SIMPLE as playing with my daughter, having a bath, taking the dog for a walk or going for a walk and a drink with Mrs Fruci.

Because the truth is, when you do more of the the stuff that you love and makes you smile, your head is less full of the stuff that stresses you out.

^^^ and when you spend more time having a “head” full of the stuff that makes you smile, thats when the breakthroughs happen..Be it with your work, the food choices you make and your mindset.

I’ve recently found swimming really relaxing. Why? Well, probably iPhones aren’t waterproof (yet) so “I’m allllll alone”….disconnected and allowed some headspace. ​​​

And it’s simple things like this – along with bespoke nutrition and the amazing support from like-minded ladies looking to be the versions of themselves – that my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation helps you with

Fruci Fit​
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