1 Simple Way To Stop Feeling Bloated

So, you want to ditch the tummy bloat feeling, right?

Absorb more nutrients you need so you can have more energy, be more productive, spend more time with family and get restful sleep?

Well, I've spoken before about my 'gut fix' protocols that I use with the ladies who we think may have some food intolerances or come to me and tell me this. 

And in a world where science is adding years on to our lives AND will even completely change the way doctors work as we'll be able to see symptoms of a certain disease via an app...and diagnose ourselves...

I'm going to keep things very simple...(just like I did with my ONE fitness tip for 2018 that I shared on BBC Wiltshire radio on Tuesday which you can watch at the bottom)

As that's some time off yet and -as with everything  I do - I like to keep things so simple for you that you question whether they'll even work because they're so simple 😉

So, before even considering whether you have a food intolerance?

* Sit down to eat your food *

Do you do this?

OK, want to go one step further?

* Put your knife and fork down in-between mouthfuls *


Well, believe it or not, but if you're stressed? 

Doing 5 million other things whilst eating?

This could stop you feeling full up and digesting your food properly.

Which could make you eat more, add unwanted fat, and leave you feeling bloated. 

So, there you have it.

Slow down and chew more...


Try it and let me know how you get on.

Matt 'chew, chew' Fruci

PS. Had this interesting question:

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PPS. here's my ONE simple fitness tip for 2018 I gave on BBC Radio Wiltshire on Tuesday:

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