#1 anti-ageing hack?

“Exercise is healthy. It’s good for you. Tones you up. Helps you sleep. Clears your mind”

^^^^ yawn. You’ve heard it all before

But today, I’m here to tell you that it may be more effective that your coconut oil collagen infused anti-wrinkle aloe vera moisturiser you ordered from www.AntiAgingMiraclesThatDoNotWorkButSoundCool.com

Because a recent study showed that exercise – and in particular – high intensity exercise resulted in a complex process that is “effectively stopping aging at the cellular level”

The researchers even concluded:

“These things we are seeing cannot be done by any medicine.”

What’s more?

Exercise was pretty much the answer to every ‘ageing’ symptom that is being researched right now

From muscle loss

To loss of bone density / osteopenia and osteoporosis

To Type 2 diabetes

To heart disease

But for now…here’s a question

Inspired by the Ghost of Christmas Future:

“What happens in 5 years time, if you don’t get a handle on your exercise habits?”

And the reason I ask this?

Well, we sometimes assume that putting things off means nothing will change..

But actually, if we keep doing what we are doing…and doing means nothing?

Things will actually get worse…

This is very clear..

Muscle loss


‘use it or lose it’ 

Is the motto…

And by use it or lose it?

This doesn’t just mean muscle, bone etc..

This means your independence…


Quality of life…

Not to mention how much it actually COSTS…

For example

What would happen if you totalled up the amount of money it costs to eat / snack when you’re not hungry?


On to anti-ageing

Which brings me on to what a recent 2020 review in the ‘Nutrients’ Journal discussed when it comes to ageing…

  1.  Exercise –

12 weeks of exercised reduced proinflammatory markers in the body

High intensity exercise showed benefits for people with rheumatoid arthiritis. 

In adults aged 18-61, fitness levels are associated with improvements in T cells / white blood cells which boost immune system 

Postmenopausal women following successful breast cancer treatment showed increase in T cells (suggests healthy immune system) after exercise programme. 

  1. Tryptophan -an amino acid protein found in eggs, fish, meats and legumes. 

Linked with serotonin, cognitive function and mood. 

3. Omega 3 fats – found in oily fish / algae. Important for preserving muscle, helping joints, improving mood and has anti inflammatory properties

Interesting stuff..


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