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I Help Busy Ladies Slim Down - For Good

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    Ready to enjoy your clothes shopping trips with the ladies again and feel more confident in your new, more fashionable clothes?
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    Are you confused by all of the fad diets telling you "can't eat this" and "have to give up that" to get a flat stomach?
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    Are you bored and fed up of slimming clubs and commercial gyms promoting this yoyo dieting that leaves you blaming yourself for failing?

Well, do any of the following sound familiar?

    • Carbs make you fat
    • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day
    • Eat little and often to spike your metabolism
    • Fruit makes you fat
    • You need to 'detox' your body to tone up
    • You have to spend hours working out to slim down

I bet they do, right?

But, do you know the worst thing of all about these?

They all leave you spending LESS time enjoying life with your friends and family.

All because you overcomplicate things so much, right?

And you just get stuck.

Get so confused that you do nothing

Stay in the exact same place you are now​

I've been there.

Feeling guilty about eating "bad" foods

Feeling like I'd failed

Thinking that I must be different

That nothing will work for me​

That I 'won't be able to do' as 'I don't have the time'​

Having thoughts that food 'x' is making me fat.

^^ Yep, that was me. Feeling guilty about eating 'bad' foods (whatever they are)

I had a terrible relationship with food growing up. 

And battled with anorexia.

I let food take over my life. 

I hit rock bottom.


I've now seen - and experienced - just how a negative relationship with food can be such a detriment to our lives.

  • Feeling guilty about eating some cake (even at your birthday party) 
  • Having an 'on-off', 'all-or-nothing', 'good-bad' mindset when it comes to getting a flat stomach (which leaves you starting your diet again on Monday...even if it's only Wednesday)
  • Skipping social events with friends and family
  • Thinking you have to waste hours in the gym on that endless, boring treadmill (so you don't even bother starting)

And it pains me to see today's fad diets creating the belief that there are "good" and "bad" foods.

Because it's this which leaves you:

Starting a diet --> depriving yourself --> eating like a pigeon --> binging --> Feeling like a failure --> piling more weight back on --> And starting your diet again on Monday  

Fortunately, my relationship with food has completely changed (which also probably saved my marriage...I don't know how Mrs Fruci put up with me for so long...).

Eating to nourish my body, both physically and mentally

And enjoying it!

My Take On Nutrition 

Through personal experience, coaching tons of busy ladies with little time on their hands, learning from industry experts, and 7 years of university study to become a Registered Nutritionist, I've learnt to prioritise what actually matters when trying to get a flat tummy, slim down, and fit back into your favourite, more fashionable clothes...

A constantly evolving nutritional strategy and a progressive exercise programme that fits your lifestyle and is - dare I say it - FUN!

^^^ This eliminated my fear of "bad" foods that apparently "make you fat".

I learnt to incorporate all my favourite foods into my nutritional strategy, enjoy social events again, and have a life whilst getting lean, fit and strong.

^^^ Which probably saved my marriage

And - most importantly - I learnt how keeping things simple means you'll stop getting stuck and blaming willpower for failing on another diet <<< like they tell you at those slimming clubs where you end up piling the weight back on.

It's these EXACT principles that I apply when working with busy ladies just like you.

Because the best diet is the one you'll do.

How do you guarantee that you do it?

Make it fit for your lifestyle.

Your work, family, kids, friends, social life, and life goals should all be considered.

Using these principles allowed me to place 2nd in the Great Britain Finals of a physique competition just 2 weeks before my stag do and 1 week before my wedding (where expensive vodka and prosecco was drank...)

Why am I saying this?

Because I get it.

You want to feel like YOU again and get your body back WITHOUT having to give up your favourite foods, spending hours in a gym or wasting time worrying about whether 'this food is healthy enough'..

Now, I'm not saying that pear cider and your glass of bubbly grapes are the key to getting a flat stomach (although they are 2 of your 5 a day).

But what I am saying is that you can enjoy yourself, have a work / life balance and STILL fit back into your favourite clothes.

Ever wondered why wine drinkers often live longer?

We all want to be healthy, right?

But with health comes flexibility.

You often neglect the fact that social situations are good for your health.

Ever wondered why wine drinkers often live longer?

Is it the wine or is it the process of chilling out with friends and family, having a catch up, and not stressing about “cheating” on your diet?

I love food. 

Food is a major part of our lives.

Birthdays, Christmas, social gatherings
with friends and family...you name it.

You can bet that some food (and drink) will be present.

And “some” is a massive understatement if you’re talking about going to my nonnas (the Italian grandma).

^^^ WOW! That was a lot of good food. If I didn't eat 5 plates of pasta, Nonna would think I no longer loved her 🙂

My point is that we remember these times.

We cherish them.

And to think that we can’t enjoy ourselves because we’re trying to get lean frustrates me.

The number of times I thought I shouldn’t eat this or shouldn't eat that.

I now look back and laugh at myself.

And I’m fed up of seeing others - just like you - wasting time on fad diets and making the same mistakes because of they tell you about this toning up stuff.

There are no “magic” or “evil” foods.

I take away all of the STRESS about what you can and can’t eat to get a flat stomach and give you the freedom to eat what, when and how you want.

All of the guesswork goes out of the window.​

And life just got much more simple for you.

This is why I developed my 90-Day Tone Up Programme.


"My mind tries to tell me it isn't working because I have eaten 'too much' but the evidence shows it is wrong!"

"​​I knew I wanted to gain control over my eating and exercise habits. I had tried diets that had worked initially but I ended up putting the weight back on plus more. I craved sugary carbs. I thought I was quite fit (walking & skiing) but needed advice on how/when to do more targeted exercises.

I had heard good things about Matt from a friend and thought it might be worth a try.

I was worried that it might end up as the same old story & my negative thoughts would win again.

I signed up knowing I could just try a month to start but also focussing on the 90 day plan. I was amazed that as soon as I got to grips with Matt's instructions about my food intake I stopped craving those carbs.

My mind tries to tell me it isn't working because I have eaten 'too much' but the evidence shows it is wrong! Matt encourages small changes that can be sustained as part of daily life for the long term and he gives encouragement and support all the way. Watch this space!

I can't get used to this new look body I have created (with your fantastic supervision & guidance). It's a surprise every time I go past a mirror, I think it will take a while for my old mindset to accept it.

It's exciting but I can wake up some mornings almost ready to accept that I have put all the lard back on. Madness - what this thinking mind puts me through. & the new look husband is an added bonus.

Who needs Christmas presents?


"The biggest gain for me is knowing that I do not have to deprive myself of the things I love and with that in mind I know I will succeed."

When I first started with Matt I felt disheartened with my body shape and never achieving my goal. I was fed up with going around in circles with diet, exercise and always landing back at square one. 

I was afraid of committing to something new in case I didn't succeed however those thoughts were quickly diminished once I met Matt. Matt offers the whole package, a host of nutritious meals, exercise and he helps you learn how to make better food choices. 

The biggest gain for me is knowing that I do not have to deprive myself of the things I love and with that in mind I know I will succeed. My attitude towards food has changed I no longer crave what I can't have but I am learning to moderate what I eat whilst knowing that my body is getting what it needs. 

I am just a few weeks into my programme but I have already lost almost half a stone and 2.5 inches off my waist. My body is feeling more toned and I feel positive about what the future will bring. If you are considering joining Matt, don't delay, do it now and you won't look back."


"My clothes are fitting better already. "

I have tried so many diets in the past which resulted in very slow weight loss and then me getting disheartened and putting it all back on and more. Having recently changed jobs and able to commit more time to getting myself back to fitness and feeling good about the way I look I decided to try Matt's programme and I haven't looked back. 

He has a simple approach to food. No gimmicks, just simple guidance, and weekly feedback if things need tweaking to get results. And the early morning fitness sessions are fun- and I'm not a morning person! But they set me up nicely for the day, giving me more motivation and inspiration to keep up with the diet and fitness programme throughout the week.

Matt gives great feedback and advice and keeps my motivation levels high each week. He encourages me to push myself more than I ever would myself.

I'm 7 weeks in and I've lost 10cm from my waist and friends have started to comment on how well I look. I have been surprised at how much extra energy I have despite doing considerably more activity each day, and my clothes are fitting better already.

If you are keen to make a difference to your health and fitness I would 100% recommend that you sign up to work with Matt."


"No more putting limitations on myself and blaming age, or negative though​​​​ts. "

So like most people l go through phases of wanting to go on diet, loss weight, get fit etc. 

I also know that normal healthy eating, in moderation, is the key to it. 

But like everyone l get carried away and get influenced by the media of what's good food, bad food, should do or should give up. 

So l came to Matt's fitness training to see what he had to offer. 

No gimmicks thank you. I was sceptical, and concerned l was wasting my money, wondering which of my favourite foods l would have to give up. 

Could I do the weights fitness he would ask of me...well l am closer to 60! 

Well, working with Matt has been just what I needed. Common sense approach to nutrition, no more diets, clothes fit better, weight loss without hunger. 

Oh yes, and still having my favourite cookie. Most of all he met me where l was at in my fitness, lifestyle, and psychy. 

No more putting limitations on myself and blaming age, or negative thoughts. 

Small changes with encouragement, and continuing to eat the food l choose. Really enjoying the fitness training with Matt, and the results. 

And what about the results. What can l say.... I am less hippy, belt in two notches, gradual decrease in weight. My normal eating, not relying on recipies that l won't really use again. Still eating my favourite foods without guilt, just moderating my intake. 

Enjoying my fitness training with him and l love the way he helps turn negative thinking around. 

Matt's common sense approach and encouragement is just what l needed to re-educate myself. 

If you are ready to invest in yourself to lead a fitter healthier lifestyle, without any gimmicks or fad diets, then consider having a chat with Matt. You won't be disappointed"

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