You vs YOU 🤔

I talk a lot about all this health and fitness stuff

(And life, really)

Being you vs you..

And  how comparison is literally the thief of joy.

With the message being 

That you should aim to be the best version of you..

But something I learnt the other day..

Was how most of us 

(Especially me)

Don’t actually know what our “best self” is…


What we really want…

With our career, body, family, fitness..

And quite often 

Set our “best self”

As this “ideal” perfect / ideal scenario..

Leaving us dwelling 

And feeling low

As we look at this huge GAP

Between where we are today (reality)

And where we think we should be (“ideal”).

But something I want to ask you (and something I recently asked myself)

Was how much of your definition of your best self

Is actually coming from comparison with others?

Comparison to what society says you should do?

It’s something I think about a lot.

Especially as people say to me “you shouldn’t work on a Sunday”

But forget that I love what I do

And I have the babies (daddy day care) on days during the week 

Which forces me to have some down time from “work”..

I guess what I am saying is that 

The best version of YOU…

Is the one that is happy..

So a little task I did to help me get clear on this

Was write down my perfect day (it’s simpler than I thought)

Focussing on the things that you truly love…

Like for me?

Wake up at 5am: glass of water, take my magnesium, write down 3 things I did well yesterday and 3 things I am grateful for today. Read my goals and write down one thing I HAVE to do and one thing I GET to do (difference being that the “get to do” is something for me)

530am: write a blog like this

6am: train the ladies on our programme 💪

8am: breakfast time with kids

9am..go to the park with family / have a picnic 

130pm: meditate / nap for 15 minutes 

2pm: do a video blog (vlog)

230pm: Meetings / calls and one to ones 

4pm: my workout 

Evening: date night with Mrs Fruci

Bed before 10pm!

I could go on…

Simple, right? 

Like, when I really get clear on all of this??

You get clear on what actually makes you happy..

Be it time with family, having the fitness to do things you never thought you could do, wearing a dress you wanted to wear…

Rather than this “perfect” picture you probably get from social media..

That has nothing to do with the “best” version of you!

And it’s something I say to the ladies just starting out 

(And something the ladies who’ve been on the programme a few weeks or so will say to the new ladies)

That often the only difference between them and you 

Doing a certain exercise

Being able to have the “willpower” and “motivation” 

Is that they just started before you…

That’s it..

So just focus on YOU…

And aim to go 1% in the right direction for you today.. 

Matt “you vs you” Fruci

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