You can’t do anything by thinking 🤔🤔

You can’t do anything by thinking 🤔🤔

So I got this message last week from Annie who’s just started her 4- Week Kickstart Programme:

“I can’t believe how much more positive I feel. I leave feeling really good About getting off my back-side and doing something 

And the fact it’s exercise is another win. I’m loving it.

I no longer scurry. I walk taller and take longer steps”

Why am I sharing this?

Well, my hat goes off to Annie.

Simply because getting started was a big thing for her (like it is for everyone)

Fears of being fit enough 

Not being able to do it 

Nervous about meeting new people 

It’s scary..

I get it..

But the thing is…

It’s scary staying the same too

Most of the ladies that come to see me mention how important health is to them

That they want to be healthier, be around for longer for their family and kids.

But currently feel frustrated, fed up, old and unfit…

The thing is, you cannot think your way out of this situation. 

You see, imagine if you felt good

Felt happy

And THEN tried to lose fat, tackle your work etc

Every, single day…

Imagine how much you could get done?

It’s why I have a morning routine I do before the babies are up and before I go to work…

To write down 3 things I have done well yesterday (for my confidence)

Take 3 minutes to do some deep breathing 


Do some exercise…

Because it makes me feel good.

And there is nothing more important than how you feel.

If you want to improve your health

(According the the research anyway)

researchers interviewed people aged between 90-100 years

Not only did they find that their mental health statuses were 5 times better than those in their 50s….

But they also found that they:

1)  Had a good work ethic

2) A strong family bond

3) Were positive

4) Had a tendency to CONTROL


The researchers said they had:

“a tendency to control their environment”

and “care less about what others think.”

and my question to you is this:

Where do you need to focus more on what you can control?

You see, if you ask someone how their day has been…

I can guarantee they talk about things out of their control: The weather, traffic, BREXIT, road works…

And we all do it. Me included. 

We stress about the things we can’t control. Waste all of our energy there. 

And end up having no energy or willpower to control the things we CAN control…

Your food, exercise habits, thoughts about how you look / feel, confidence in yourself, patience with loved ones…

Or worse?

wasting more energy on regret…

Wishing you’d have kept up with your exercise habits years ago…

Wishing you’d have not ‘let yourself go.’

which actually solves NOTHING…

So, I guess the message here

Is that the FIRST step to change

To feeling more confident



a better version of you..

Is accepting where you are right now

and moving in the right direction each day…

After all, it’s not about how fast or slow you progress

But the DIRECTION you are going in…

Matt ‘Time flies when you’re having fun’ Fruci

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