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I Know Why You Are Here

No, I don’t have any special mindreading super powers that the self-proclaimed nutritionists will pretend to have. To put it simply, I have worked with many other busy ladies who were stuck where you are right now with your body and how you feel about yourself, whilst trying to juggle their social life and work / life balance.

My 90-Shape Up Shift is for you, if you are:

  • Ready to WOW your friends and family at social events 
  • Wanting to get rid of the stress and worry about knowing what to eat to get a flat stomach
  • Ready to feel more confident about what you see in the mirror every day when getting dressed
  • A chocolate and wine lover 
  • Committed to getting your body back and drop a few dress sizes, without depriving yourself of your favourite foods or spending hours working out (so you can get your ME time back)

Through Working With Me, You ​Will Get:

    • A stress free bespoke nutritional strategy that allows you to eat the foods you and your family love so you can eat together, save time, tone up, and fit back into your favourite, more fashionable clothes that make you feel like YOU again
    • A bespoke exercise programme adapted for your lifestyle to get you toned, fit, and strong, without wasting hours in a gym (or leaving your home if you don't want to)
    • Access to the Fruci Fit Nutrition Members area and app where you'll find thousands of recipes and meal plans fit for your bespoke nutritional strategy to guarantee you're not on one of those boring diets that leave you eating special 'diet' foods and skipping Saturday night takeaway 
    • The exact elite mindset tools I've used with hundreds of other busy ladies in Wiltshire so you can transform your body in a sustainable way and STOP blaming yourself for failing on a diet that just didn't fit your busy lifestyle
    • 24 / 7  support from myself and the Fruci Fit community using the Fruci Fit Accountability System so you’re never alone on your tone up transformation like you would be in an intimidating commercial gym

If you would like to see my 90-Day Tone Up packages, click here.