Will it work exercising once a week?

I remember doing my driving lessons many years ago

And hoping I would not have to stop at the traffic lights on this hill in Swindon…

^^ yes I used to be scared of that more than the Magic Roundabout haha

Simply because the whole clutch control…

Worried I would look sill..

I would stall at the traffic lights…

I always found it harder to go from 0 to 1…

Once I got started?

It was easy.

And it’s the same when helping the kids ride their bikes right now..

Once they start going, it is easier…

And it reminded me of a chat I had with one of the ladies the other day.

She has just started with us late February

For our 28 Day Programme.

^^ reply with ‘28 Day’ and I will get you the details

She said: “Will it work even though I can only get to you once a week”

Now, given we have had a lot on over the past few years..

Many of the ladies here did everything from home (and some still do as it fits their lifestyle): https://frucifit.com/who-else-wants-results-like-this/

Being active outside of the sessions as much as possible..

Making positive changes with their nutrition ..


Of course it will..

But for her?

She did not want to do anything from home..

Especially at the start.

She wanted to come in and also meet people.

But the thing is?

She is quite busy right now.

So going more than once a week?

May not be doable right now.

Thing is though..

She hasn’t done anything like this before, let alone much exercise at all other than walking in about 5 years…


The biggest concern is once a week will not be enough?

Thing is, just like with me and my driving lessons…

My kids and riding their bikes…

The hardest part is going from 0 to 1…

Once you get started, you actually get MORE energy…

As you get fitter and more confident..

It becomes the domino to potentially adding more in the future.

But the best part?

Whether she thinks it is enough or not?

She is adding 4 more exercise sessions than last month at the very least..

And that is before we spoke about getting in control of her comfort eating again..

With ONE simple habit..

And the even better part?

Independent of weight loss..

This can help improve your




Quality of life


Bone health



And not to mention 

Helping with blood sugar levels..

You see,

It is always the seemingly small things.

But because they seem so small

We don’t get around to doing them

I guess they were right about

‘Something is better than nothing’

I will let you decide if it is ‘enough’ or not…

Matt ‘stalling at the traffic lights’ Fruci

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