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Why you don’t need motivation…

Why you don’t need motivation…

So after our live question and answer session with Dr Adam Bibbey all about self sabotage and motivation the other week…

And after having a catch up with one of the ladies yesterday..

I just wanted to share this with you today

We were going through the 28 Day Kickstart workbook (something we do to get clear on what you want and put your starting, step by step plans together).

And she mentioned that she wanted to be less self critical.

The problem?

She saw this as a negative.

Something she wanted to fight against, almost.

But what if this was actually a good thing?

Hear me out..

Because without the ‘negative’ feeling of being self critical..

We wouldn’t be having the conversation we were having…

And had figured the following:

* She’s only self critical when she puts off doing the exercise that makes her feel amazing *

And why doesn’t she do it?

Well, there’s a habit to do anything else but exercise.

So now?

When she gets that feeling….

She is going to do a 5 minute exercise session..(because she is 10/10 confident she can do this)

The results?

Flooding your brain with good endorphins

More energy

Better outlook on life

Feeling of achieving something important

Knowing you are taking control of your health..

My point?

Always think ‘something’ rather than ‘all or nothing’

And see how you get on..

But don’t just take my word on it and nod your head…

There’s one more thing that you need to do to help your motivation…​​​​

You see, for starters you don’t need to be motivated.

People brush their teeth

Go to work


Without being ‘more motivated’…

So what’s the answer?

A study was completed in the UK with a group of people to try and build improved exercise habits.

 ​[if you’ve ever struggled with motivation in the past then you are going to find this very interesting]

The group was divided into 3.

GROUP 1 – The control group – were simply asked to track how often they exercised.

GROUP 2 – The motivation group – were asked to track their workouts BUT also to read material on the ‘benefits’ of exercise.

The researchers also explained to this group how exercise could reduce the risk of heart disease.

GROUP 3 – The planning group – They did all of the above BUT were also asked to do a plan writing down when and where they would exercise the following week.​The specific sentence they had to write down was:

‘On Monday, I will walk at lunch time and do a 5 minute exercise session “


‘During the next week, I will do [insert exercise] on [DAY] at [TIME] in [PLACE]”​​​​

The Results – What % then actually exercised at least once the following week?

Group 1 = 35%

Group 2 = 38%

Group 3 = 91%

This is why just joining a standard gym and even some slimming clubs might not always work

​​ ​[unless you write down the specific days / times you’re going to go and do exercise and have someone remind you to do it and chase you up if you get a bit stuck and overwhelmed with it all – not just 1 week but every week]

This is why just saying “I’m motivated this time’ is not enough.

This is why just saying “I’m going to eat more healthily’ is not enough.

This is why just saying “I need to work harder’ doesn’t always work

MOTIVATION was never your problem.

Having the right plan in place probably was..

Simple? – Yep

Easy? – Actually yes….providing you just focus on 1 day at a time…

Start this now.

Write this sentence down and fill in the blanks – you have a 91% success rate of turning up if you do this. ​​

​​Then schedule it in.​ ….write it down.

‘During the next week, I will do [insert exercise] on [DAY] at [TIME] in [PLACE]”​​​​​​

We do similar things inside our Reboot with snacking and comfort eating too..

And as Woody Allen said we all know that 80% of success is……..

​​‘Showing Up’ 

Anyway, Reboot starts this week ..

For ladies 40+ who pretty much know what to do but need the motivation and plan to actually do it and get the results they want with the way they want to look and feel.

This can be done in our BRAND NEW Ladies Only Studio in DEVIZES or Marlborough, 

Or all from home…

You can make this as personal or convenient as you want.

As ultimately…

This is about finding what works for YOU..

Just message me with ’Reboot’ if you’d like more info.

Matt ‘knowing and not doing is as good as not knowing” Fruci