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Why “it’s not working”…

Why “it’s not working”…

Back when I really struggled with public speaking…

^^^ as in, red in the face, shaking…

It seemed like I would try so hard but just get the same results over and over again…

Red in the face shaking…

Hence why I would go straight back to my old ways / habits..

That is, avoid it at all costs.

Cover my eyes and hope it all goes away..

Only for this problem to compound…

And get worse.

When I then had to present..

It made me even more anxious…

It was even harder..

Why am I sharing this?

Well, where I was right then was 100% down to my previous habits…

I was where I was due to my habits.

If I wanted to change I had to change my habits..

And some of my changes I started were sooo small,

From putting my hand up in a small talk and asking a question I actually already knew the answer to..

To write down my goals and journal…

We know that 80% of people can’t visualise themselves achieving their goals..

And just 3% of people write down their goals..

It begs the question..

Do we need to start smaller?

Make it so easy we can start today..

You see, our emotions, states, traits and moods are actually habits..

Whether we know it or not,

We have a strategy and a set of habits that will either give you energy 

Or take it away…

The easiest thing to change right now?

Is something you already DO…

And this is something we go over in our Reboot Programme starting in September using the “If…Then…In That Case..Because model.

For example:

if I stay up later than 10pm

Then I always grab something from the fridge I don’t need

…In That Case I’ll get into bed and read at 945 & have a protein or veg based snack in the fridge if I need it

Because  I want to feel more confident / lose weight / reduce medication…keep up with the kids /grandkids. 

Making associations allows you to take ACTION based on how you want to feel rather than how you currently feel 

^^^ read that again 

And action gives your brain evidence, evidence creates confidence to give you the courage to keep going

And create new, positive habits to get fit, tone up, feel in control with your food again and get more energy.

Just like we do in the Reboot programme starting from next week.

Message me with ‘Reboot’ and I will get you the details.