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Why is planning so hard??

Why is planning so hard?

“I just need to plan then everything works”

^^^ heard that one so many times

And it’s interesting as so many people say:

“I know what to do I’m just not doing it”

And that’s why 

It’s not enough to just say 

“I’m going to make this my year”

It’s not enough to just say  

“I’m going to lose weight” 

It’s not enough to just say (again)

“I know what to do already I just need to do it”

You have to take action. 

And if it’s planning which is the issue?

Well, this might be game changer…

Even though, I see so many people make amazing progress and magic moments from planning  

Want to know why you still don’t do it? 

Even though you KNOW most of your success is based on it 

Well, psychologist, Jordan Peterson shed light on this:

It’s because you don’t like to specify conditions for failure

What does this mean?

Well, we can convince ourselves we are doing well by not planning.

Or we can convince ourselves that we are not “trying” and therefore not lt failing by not planning. 

But really- you just won’t know if you’ve failed

So in reality? You don’t plan because you’re trying to avoid failure 

But this actually means you fail anyway 😮