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Why even ‘beginners’ are doing it…

So I was chatting to one of the ladies just starting out on our 21 Day Home Kickstart Programme.

She mentioned that she didn’t want to join in any of the live workouts yet as she didn’t feel confident. 

I totally get that. 

What she didn’t realise is that

Is that you can do the recording 

And even if you do it live?

We don’t have to see you. 

Fast forward a week after doing our Back to Basics Workout (where we go through different way of doing an exercise to make it work for you, even if you have mobility issues)

She’s more confident and even wants to try some of our floor workouts (including the stomach blast workout on a Tuesday night) ..

It’s amazing to see this. 

And if you’re thinking that you’re not sure whether you can do this


if you’re feeling like I was last week and just struggling to motivate yourself..

I get it..

In fact, not only did I feel like this with my exercise last week

But also with our walks out…

Sometimes, I’ll admit, getting the babies ready..

Shoes on, coats…

Trying to explain why they don’t need to take 1000 toys for a 30 minute walk..

Why they can’t take a scooter and a toy pushchair..

And why you have to choose ONE THING…

Funny part of this..

The ONE thing is exactly how we get you started on our 21 Day Kickstart.

Whether that is attending a Back to Basics workout (which can be in just 15 minutes)

Or doing a song challenge (a 3 minute workout which gets you feeling good)..

The key is you just start!

Even if you commit to 3 minutes…

If you still aren’t feeling it after 3 minutes [or one exercise], give yourself permission to stop.

You did 3 minutes and that’s 3 minutes more than yesterday..

Now comes the most important part:

“if you start to feel better after 3  minutes [or one exercise], try another 3 minutes [or one more exercise]. “

Worst case?

You did 3 minutes on a day where you didn’t feel like doing anything ☺ 

That’s a win in my book.

And have a look at the confidence boost you get..

In fact, if you want to give our Back to Basics workout a go?

Message me with ‘back to basics’ and we can get you sorted in to do it live or recording. 

Here’s what some of the ladies said:

“Done, just about able to go on my knees!”


“Done. Doing it correctly made such a difference”


liked it very much and able to do it! 🙂


“Yay I managed 5 on my toes 😂👍🏼 never done that before… done 


Want to give it a go?

Message me with ‘back to basics’ and we will get you set up

Matt ‘one thing’ Fruci