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Why do you eat more? (And regret it)

Why do you eat more? (And regret it)

Over the next 3 minutes I’m going to explain how to get your hunger signals working for you so you can feel more in control and aligned with your body and hunger 

Which in turn 

Can help with weight loss, blood sugar levels, overeating and health  …


Ever eat a meal and think 

“Why did I just eat all of that?”

You feel over full 

And quite uncomfortable…

Maybe you’ve even looked down from your laptop and noticed your snack is gone and barely remembered eating it?

Well, science tells us why…

And how we override our natural hunger signals

Which can lead us to our hunger hormones..

Studies show say you’re given 

Macaroni and cheese (delicious and often used in research)

You might start off really enjoying it

However, you’ll reach a stage where you’ll eventually get full of macaroni cheese …

But you’ll still have room for pudding. 

Sounds familiar, right?

There’s more…

When people were given macaroni and cheese

But then offered some chips etc 

Whilst eating the meal 

People ate more macaroni and cheese 

And it took them longer to feel full and satisfied.

There’s even more 🚀

❌ Listening to the radio, being on your phone and watching tv  could also increase your food intake and impact how full you feel 


you can flip all of this in your favour 😃😃 

✅Variety can make you eat more.

Increasing the variety and quantity of veg in and around meals can increase the likelihood we eat more veg.

^^^ interesting study showed giving kids veg as a starter meant  they are more veg as they weren’t competing with the pizza or pasta  😉 research in adults also shows that those who have a salad before a meal are less (they had vinegar on the salads too which can help blood sugar levels)

✅  add 10 chews to your mouthful today (super simple one)

I spoke about this more here: