Why can’t I just do it?

Why can’t I just do it?

“Why can’t I get back on track?

“Why can’t I stop binge eating?”

“Why can’t I just have the motivation to exercise?”

Ever said those things before?

You know you should stop…

I get it.

I have too.

But here is the interesting part..

What if we were simply asking the wrong questions?

You see, by asking these questions we are essentially looking for reasons WHY we can’t do it…

And essentially justifying it…

We collect evidence as to why we can’t do something 

And – all of a sudden – we are overwhelmed with evidence as to why we are a failure

And why do we keep failing…

So replace with this:

HOW can I get back on track?

HOW can I stop binge eating?

HOW can I have the motivation to exercise?

Then we activate a different part of the brain…

This is just the start…

And then you can start to collect the evidence of HOW you can do this.

Like the ladies doing our Kickstart are finding here (see images)

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