Why are habits so hard to change?

“I cannot be bothered”

^^ the thoughts that go through my head when I walk past my pull up bar and dumbbells at home

Just being honest

As most people think I am super motivated all of the time..

And I spoke about why habits are so hard to change HERE

But one way to think about it?

“Every time you make a choice you are installing new hardware so you can think & feel to act in a certain way”

Sounds deep

But the reason we go back to old habits

Is because they are easy to do .

And it is no wonder, we have been doing them for so long, right?

So it is no wonder they are easy to do.

It is like comparing a clear motorway (old habits) to a country road in wiltshire full of of pot holes (new habits you want to create)

Which road are you going to choose?

But my challenge to you today

Is to be conscious of when you are faced with decisions and you have the choice to use the ‘motorway’ or the ‘pot hole’ road…

As you become more conscious…

The more aware you are of the benefits and consequences of this choice. 

In fact, see the image for just some of the reasons 

People have joined Fruci Fit in the past few weeks.

Use and make your own

for when “life takes over”

Things get “busy”

Remember why you started …

Remember who you said you wanted to be…

Just like we will help you do in the FREE 5 Day Kickstart for women 40+ and 50+

Who pretty much know what to do 

But need the support and accountability to do it.

Register here (if it loads there is still space):

We start on Monday 24th October..

See you there 


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