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Who is the Kickstart for?

Who is the Kickstart for?

Had a few questions about the 28 Day Kickstart so thought I would share some info here:

✅  Come along to our ladies only small group or one to one personal training sessions every week for 4 weeks- where we will monitor and improve your fitness, strength, mobility and flexibility. This could be all from home or with us in person at our private studios in Marlborough or Devizes. You can come in once a week, 2 times or even 5 times a week…

✅  We will talk through any struggles that you have regarding food & drink choices and provide some easy meal plans and family friendly recipes that help with bloating and energy levels.

✅ We will provide daily motivation and support to help you stay focused and enthusiastic for the whole 28 days, even from Day 1, where you have your Kickstart one to one with us.

This kickstart will provide strong foundations for you to then build on.

It’s the perfect way to start 2022.

You will be training either one to one or with a small group of other ladies over 40 with very similar frustrations and goals.

And most importantly, we will ensure that everyone has lots of FUN along the way so that they actually look forward to the much needed ‘ME TIME as a break from the busy everyday stresses.

This kind of plan is NOT for everyone

The majority would rather do nothing.

Or try and figure all this kind of stuff out for themselves.

This is for those that have tried that strategy already

and it hasn’t worked.


If you are over 40 and share some of these frustrations and ambitions, then feel free to reach out to me now.

Just message or comment me with ‘Kickstart’ and I will get you the details.