When to quit…

Inspiration often comes from imagining YOU

At that end results..

Whether that is:

→ Fitting into the clothes you want to wear

→ Coming off of medication / taking less

→ Improving blood pressure

→ Making everyday tasks like climbing stairs, easier

→ Being able to get up and down from the floor more easily

→ Playing with the kids (and still have energy for life)

But it can get to a point where you ‘feel like’ you are not getting anywhere near where you need to be.

You keep stop – starting…

And when it comes to this…

We sometimes think we should just quit.

“Maybe I am supposed to be like this”

But what if, rather than ditching this inspirational goal…

You instead change the means to get there?

Here’s a task to help you:

  1. Write down the benefits of quitting the thing you are trying to do:

E.g. maybe you get more time back

Maybe you don’t feel so bad

Less guilt about not doing as much as you said you would do

  1. Write down the costs of quitting the thing you are trying to do:

E.g. you put on more weight

You lack any kind of plan

You do less exercise

Drink less water 

I could go on..

So what is the solution?

  1. How can you change the route you are taking to get there?

E.g. instead of aiming for 1 hour workouts, go for 30 minutes

If you can’t be perfect with your food, could you do your best today?

If you can’t stick to an 800 calorie diet, could you stick to 1500?

As it is these little “Yes’s” and “No’s”..

Throughout the day

The lead to the results you want.

but by changing the route you are taking…

You get the inspiration from the end result

And you can ENJOY the journey 

^^^ as you can stick to it.

Sure, it might feel like it will take longer..

But if you stop stopping?

What if it is actually quicker?

This is exactly what we do in our 28 Day Kickstart..

Specifically for women 40+ and 50+ who pretty much know what to do already but need the plan and accountability to do it..

Message with ‘kickstart’ and we will get you the details


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