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What’s the most positive thing about today?

What’s the most positive thing about today?

I am not going to pretend it is not a hard time, because it is,

 in many ways. 

I haven’t worked this hard ever…but it’s so worth it. 

Seeing so many do so well and control what they can. 

And look at what is positive about right now, whether that is time with family or having more time to exercise.

I think this is a unique situation where – weirdly – we will learn a lot from. 

But the doom and gloom on the news, I thought I’d share some responses that I had yesterday from the ladies on our Home Kickstart Programme to this question:

What’s the most positive thing about today?

^^ it may just prompt a different outlook and change your state & energy

“Made decision not to work – 1st time in months….. have worked out, had a bath, meditated, planned meals, made soup, had time with other half and it’s only 4pm. Awesome day 👌👌”


“A walk in the sunshine ☀️”


“I got 8hrs sleep, and did a workout.”


“Happy and healthy and the sun is shining 😀”


“Lovely early morning walk through fields of sheep & lambs🐑”


“Getting up and exercising, been for a walk as well 🚶🌞”


“Sorted out my gin cupboard …. after exercise with you and an hour zumba  😂😂”

Love this ^^

“The gorgeous weather and how much time it gives me in the garden“


“I’m just trying to make the most of us all slowing down before it all gets fast paced again “

And me..

“☀️ Walk and time in the garden with babies playing with toys. Great for your imagination 😂”

I could go on…

So my question for you today?

Ask the question:

“What’s the most positive thing about today?”

See if it changes the way you feel…

Anyway, busy day of live workouts and meditations today inside out 28 Day Home Kickstart programme for Wiltshire ladies 40+ who want to get fit and make the most of this situation 

(Message me with 28 day and I can get you the details by the way)

Matt “question” Fruci