What’s the cost?

I’ll be honest

Sometimes I debate whether I’ll take the kids swimming or go to the park

And just get on with some work instead.

I mean, running your own business

Does mean that sometimes you have to do things that aren’t ‘normal’. 

You know, like working early, late, weekends etc…

And because I love what I do

It is all too easy for me to do that..

Unless I ask a better question..

(the quality of the questions you ask yourself everyday will pretty much determine your happiness)

Instead of asking:

What’s the cost of taking the kids out?

^^^ which means I go into ‘I will get less work done, I will be less productive…etc

I switch this to:

“What’s the cost of NOT taking the kids out?”

^^to which I get: I miss out on precious family time with the kids (which I never get back), miss out on memories being created, I don’t take time out which means I come back with more energy than ever..

I could go on.

And of course

There needs to be a compromise.

Why am I sharing this with you today?

Well, it is all too easy to focus on the costs of doing something – be it the financial or time cost.

But something we often don’t consider 

Is the cost of not doing it.

After all, 

There will be a cost anyway

You might just not be aware of it..

Just like I saw a quote the other day 

“You won’t know the value of your health until you’re fighting for it”

Matt ‘cost?’ Fruci

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