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What Wendy said

So I got this message from Wendy last week:

“As I told you my upper arm muscles are getting stronger. Yesterday, My grandson took both our hands to swing as we walked from school, he is so dull of beans & energy and was swinging up to horizontal

 A month ago I couldn’t have held it & would have taken my body leaving it to grandad!! Just that one exercise when I needed to balance was hard, concentrating more on the balance than the exercise!”

Well done, Wendy.

All from muscle strengthening exercises, working at her level 

And getting 1% better each day.

A nice reminder for me, too

About how whenever I don’t do the things I know I need to do 

I’m actually saying “no” to something 

Be it a better mood, more energy, fitting certain clothes well, more confidence, better health or more energy..

Or even

Creating special moments with your family, like Wendy said…

So consider…

What’s the alternative?

Because there is always an alternative.

And when you cant find that motivation..

Put your attention on the alternative.

As let’s face it

Challenges will pop up anyway .

Chances are, they’ll be challenges you don’t want..

So why not face the challenges that – at least – get you to where you want to go?

Apply this is to any challenge:


Getting to exercise?

Fitting it in?

Planning meals and finding the time?

Whatever it is.

There IS an alternative…

And you probably won’t like it.

If you do?

Then that’s ok.

If not?

Then our 28 Day Kickstart specifically for ladies 40+ might be a good fit for you to help.

Want more details?

Message me  with “Devizes” “Marlborough” or “Burbage”

And I’ll get you the details