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What Karen & Sue Said On Facebook…

So last week,

I asked the question:

“What would you need from our ladies only Kickstart programme, me and the team to get the results you want?”

And here are some of the replies I got:

“exercise that I can do”

“ A programme that I can follow without overdoing it. My fibromyalgia can make it difficult with pain and fatigue, but I can also overdo it.”

“I need to lose 3 stone. I hate the way I feel and look. I was never overweight until a few years ago. I want to be get my confidence back”

“I need you to help me get my $#*! Together…I have no motivation. I am a vegetarian and so far I feel like I am hitting a brick wall with everything”

“I need to get fitter. I’m nearly 60 and I know what I should do but just don’t do it. Can you do it for me?”

“Following a shake plan is the only thing that works for me but I need something that is actually sustainable” 

My point in sharing this?

Everyone has their own ‘why’ for doing this

and there is NO one size fits all answer…

^^^ which is why we have our kickstart meeting to put together a step by step, day by day plan for you…to give you clarity on the first step to take. Rather than feeling as confused as walking into a gym with hundreds of high tech machines….

It’s a bit like what Sue said last week:

“I was chatting to Matt after class today about my struggle having shakes after a lot of failed slim fast diets.

So for breakfast & sometimes lunch I have 100g fromage frais 54kcal/100g & 8.8g Protein + a flavoured whey protein-100kcal/25g serving & 19g Protein. Tip – eat using a teaspoon- it takes longer. It keeps me full and saves calories for later. I definitely recommend it; I’ve lost nearly 4 stone since June

You see, for some people

They would say 

“I could never do that”

For others?

They’ll give it a go.

The truth?

It’s not ‘magical’..

It works for Sue…

She’s 4 stone down..

It allows her a hit more flexibility to enjoy her food more in the evening…

And she’s now running 5Ks faster than ever…

But the principle behind this 

Is simply finding something that fits your lifestyle.

Whether that means something quick and easy (and filling)

 something that the whole family can eat


overcoming stress eating..

That is pretty much why I always say 

That if someone says they have ‘the secret’ to weight loss, fitness, menopause etc..

I’m sorry to say this..

But I can guarantee they don’t..

I’d prefer to just say it how it is…

You’ve  probably been bombarded with enough ‘magic’ potions throughout your life that claim to be the secret to fitness / fatloss.

So I’ll just leave you with what Karen said:

“Join us! It works, it’s fun , you have nothing to lose, except weight, and gain self esteem.”

So if you want to join Sue, Karen and co on our Brand New February 28 Day Kickstart

(specifically, for ladies over 40)

Then message me with ‘Devizes’, ‘Marlborough’ or ‘Burbage’ and I’ll get you the details..

Matt ‘small habits, compound effect’ Fruci