What if I can’t stick to it?

What if I can’t stick to it longer term?

What if I fail again?

Ever said that?

Me too.

In fact I have been saying it recently with Jiu Jitsu. Almost like, what is the point if I can’t get there ‘enough’ or can’t always get there.

Thing is, you are giving your brain fuel / reasons to not keep going


As you are asking it look for reasons why you can’t keep it up.

In fact, we see this at Fruci Fit all of the time.

Someone feeling amazing





This is then followed up with:

“Let’s just hope I can keep this up”

Maybe it is a British thing?

We don’t like compliments, right?

“You look great”

To which we respond “oh no, feel rubbish” haha

So today?

Just say THANK YOU…

To yourself. 

Do it for TODAY.

And congratulate yourself. 

Tomorrow you could be a different person.

Next week you could be a different person

Next month you could be a different person

Next year you could be a different person. 


Because what you do TODAY you are more likely to do tomorrow. 

This is why we slowly introduce habits specific for YOU in our Kickstart program.

Specifically for women 40+ and 50+ who pretty much know what to do 

But want the plan and accountability to DO IT.

Want to know more?

Message me with ‘Kickstart’ and I will get you the details


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