Before Christmas?

Got this message the other day (see image)

What I love about this?

It has NOT happened overnight…

It has been a gradual habit change over time to fit her lifestyle…

^^ to escape the yoyo dieting / all or nothing mindset..

The best part when you do this?

It is EASIER to keep the weight off…

^^ which is actually the hardest part…

Because you have the habits in place

To do it 

Even on your busiest, most stressful day..

Even at this crazy time of the year..

My advice to you?

Pick ONE thing today

(like we do in our Kickstart with our Food, Fitness and Focus accountability system).

Here are some ideas in my free book to give you some strategies to help, especially this time of the year:

Comment below with ‘eating out’ and I will send over the free guide on eating out and controlling cravings 


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