What happened to Jane

Meet Jane 👋from Wiltshire.

Jane joined Fruci Fit because it got to the time where she knew she needed to do something, eating was out of control and wasn’t sure what to do.

Jane had been to a gym before, but was worried who would be at her first session, how she would look and if she could manage it, admitting she was quite shy about it, surprised how much confidence she had lost.

Shortly after joining, we went into lockdown, which Jane admits, “got me through lockdown”.

Fast forward to now? Jane has more confidence and despite her knee injury, can now walk for miles with her dog (something she could not do before). She is no longer ‘on a diet’ or ‘starting again Monday’ and – most importantly – is happy, no longer trying to out exercise a ‘diet’ but feeling more in control.

The small group sessions, the friends she has made and the support from the whole Fruci Fit community helping her create a lifestyle change rather than a quick, easy fix.

Well done, Jane.

It’s awesome to have you part of the Fruci Fit Community and amazing to see you now inspiring others.

Watch Jane’s story here: https://www.facebook.com/MattFruciNutrition/videos/680594170133454 

Or watch on Youtube here: https://youtu.be/eoJoMM1Y0g0 

If you want to join Jane and co on our 21 Day Pre Christmas Habit Challenge?

Message me with ‘Christmas’ and I will get you the details


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