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What happened to Jane?

What happened to Jane?

Got this comment from Jane last week

Who commented on this post here (a video of Jane talking about her transformation)

And it’s great to see ladies like Jane…

Progress more (see picture)

Our September Reboot Programme opens up next week…

Now that Summer is coming to an end it’s time to take back control of your health, fitness and energy..

This programme is for women who:

👍 are least 40 + (we work with ladies in their 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s)

🍷 Has enjoyed themselves over the Summer (maybe a little too much!😉)

🚫🔥Has lost motivation to exercise for a while 

💩 Has had a dip in energy levels/feels sluggish and tired

            🙅‍♀️ Doesn’t look/feel as good as they would like to 

🙌 Wants to make a real positive change to their health and fitness

With our 8 Week Reboot programme you’ll discover the most effective, fun way to transform your body and fitness!

✔️ Get toned and look great! 

✔️ Have bundles of more energy 

✔️ Feel stronger and leaner 

✔️ Decrease stress levels 

✔️ Transform your overall confidence levels 

✔️ Plus much more! 

If you’d like more info, message me or comment below with ‘Reboot’ 

And I’ll get you the details.