What does a Fruci Fit session look like?

What does a Fruci Fit session look like? 

A question I had the other day. 

My vanilla answer?

It depends. 

Depends on you. 

And what you can do.

As what you do does depend on what you CAN do. 

And we will then double down on that. 

(That’s the secret, focussing on what you can do)

Whether you’re in our private studios in Marlborough, Devizes, Chippenham or joining in from home,

you can make it as personalas you want by coming into the studio or as convenient as you like by doing it from home 😃

Or a mixture .

Whether that’s our small group personal training, one to one personal training, Pilates, yoga, box fit, stretch, back to basics, low intensity, resistance and strength work, higher intensity, or even a one to one with nutrition 

The key part? 

Your pace is the right pace

Here’s a little clip


And if you’d like to have a chat about it, see what might work for you? 

Just message me with “session” 😀

Matt “your pace is the right pace” Fruci

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