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What Belinda & Annette said on Facebook


I cannot rate Matt and his team highly enough.

Having completed this week a 28 day kickstart with Matt Fruci and his team at Fruci Fit – Personal Training Wiltshire (all online) I just wanted to share with you how much progress I have made just by changing small things and using his systems.

These small changes and accountability create a compound effect that when used consistently produce results.

My personal results in 28 days are 10lbs down in weight and 10 inches off across my body just by changing small things.

I have had takeaways and fish and chips during this time as well. So don’t ever think you need to deprive yourself to achieve the results you would like.

Small progress is better than no progress.

I shall continue to work with him and his lovely team to get to my goal which is not necessarily a number but a place where I feel comfortable in my body and I feel physically feel healthier and stronger.

Maybe next year I can consider walking up Snowdon again, lighter and stronger and without the pain and sheer grit and determination that it took me in 2018!

This is not the quick fix dieting that I’ve done in the past, this is lifestyle changes to a stronger me, eating real food and moving my body to be the best that I can be


a message from Belinda I got the other day (she has just finished her kickstart programme… reply with ‘Kickstart’ and I’ll get you the details)

Well done, Belinda…

But I get that some people say:

“It’s keep it up which is the hard part”

And you are right, it is.

But the foundations of ‘keeping it up’ are put in place TODAY..

By taking small steps, just like Belinda has.

In fact, here’s What Annette said this week:

“I’ve just done my measurements and 1 lb down AND an impressive 10 cms all over loss! 

Including 5.5 cms on waist. 

Adding another set of pushups and an extra workout most days have certainly helped I’d say it’s a win win this week ”

This is amazing. Well done, Annette 


I want to stress that it hasn’t all been ‘easy’…

Annette has had MANY weeks where nothing has changed…

Few lbs come on..


But you know..

That is NORMAL…

And that isn’t the problem…

The problem is simply our THOUGHT about these weeks..

Here is what I messaged Annette back with (after saying ‘well done’, of course haha):

“This really is testament to you keeping going when most wouldn’t. 

You know those weeks where you think ‘I’m trying but nothing is changing’…

Those weeks give you the springboard for these moments”

see, apart from making me feel good…

It fills me with pride..

And I love hearing stories like this..(quite addictive actually)

Annette and Belinda have taken ACTION

Could they have done this on their own?


But lets face it..

Having a team

A support network

Like minded people

A Nutritionist and a team of coaches looking out for them to offer support, guidance and accountability is TRANSFORMATIVE when needed…

Want to join them?

Our next 21 Day Kickstart begins from Monday (I’m putting on another one).

Message me with ‘kickstart’ and I’ll get you the details..

Matt ‘small steps’ Fruci