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What Barbara achieved …

So I got this message from Barbara last week (who’s just finished her kickstart)

“you have been extremely helpful in getting me on to my weight loss journey, I have so far lost 7Ibs despite being away most weekends, I now manage my food properly and thanks to you drink water far more regularly than I did.

So thank you for helping me get on the right track and hopefully by May at the latest I will have got to my target of 1 1/2 stone lost. The next target after that is to take it slowly and lose at least 2Ib per week for 26 weeks, which I know I will plateau hence the length of time to lose a further 14Ibs. 

Again thank you for helping me get my head straight to be able to do this.

You do great work at enabling people to lose that weight with so much encouragement and your down to Earth practicality is fantastic.”

Well done, Barbara! 

This type of result is only achievable by being consistent.

Consistent positive weekly habits regarding nutrition and exercise.

We provide a personalised and totally flexible nutrition system to help out…

So you can still eat the foods you and your family love – even with a sweet tooth.

Now as much as losing this weight and dropping a couple of dress sizes is great…

The knock on effect, can actually be more powerful 

With ladies often mentioning their confidence, belief, self motivation,, fitness and energy.

It’s an amazing feeling.

And – for sure – everything is just easier when you have more energy and confidence.


We start our next kickstart programme for ladies 40 + in Marlborough, Burbage and Devizes

From Saturday 

We have 4 spaces left.

And this will be our last intake for February 

Want more details?

Message me  with “Marlborough”, “Burbage” or “Devizes”

And I’ll get you the relevant info

Matt “consistency beats perfection” Fruci