What are the benefits? 🤔

Just one of things we ask (and went through yesterday inside our Q and A to set goals for the next 100 Days)…

The benefits of DOING the things you said you want to do…

✅ Like being able to climb hills and stairs without being out of breath 

✅ No more achy joints 

✅ Fitting clothes better 

✅ Having more energy

✅ Feeling stronger and in a better routine 

✅ feeling like me again 

✅ getting up and down from the floor 

✅ being able to keep up with the kids and grandkids (those kids cars are harder than they look to get out of)

I could go on.

But it’s not just about the benefits of doing it 

❌But also the benefits of NOT doing the things you probably know you need to do..  

After all, there must be some benefit or we wouldn’t do it?

Sometimes it’s about asking the question:

“What’s the benefit?”

Whether you perceive the behaviour as positive or negative. 

To get to the bottom of why you keep putting something of 

Self sabotaging 

Or giving up at the same point…

But it’s not just this either…

We are all motivated by different things..

But also:

“What are the drawbacks, negatives, & disadvantages of not doing it (who else will it impact)?”


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