What an inspiration

So the nation and many around the world 

Will all be paying their respects to the Queen today…

What a woman.



And resilient..

Who we can all take inspiration from.

My kids have not stopped talking about it.

Although the conversations about death have been interesting….

Anyway, speaking of resilience. 

Just wanted to share a chat I had the other day with one of our clients.:

“I start doing really well

Then I just sabotage myself.

I think F it..

Screw the diet

You’re doing well anyway

I’ll just eat this”

Sound familiar?

That monkey on your shoulder screaming

‘You deserve it’

I get it

But here is the thing

As your coaches.

We want you to enjoy your food.

Yes, despite everything Fruci Fit stands for from toning up to getting strong..

We also want you to have FUN

And enjoy your food.

And you might be thinking:

“Well, that is why I self sabotage and just binge”


Well here is my question for you:

When you go into F it mode.

Do you actually enjoy it?

Or is it just filled with guilt and shame?

I mean, if you are going to CHOOSE to have whatever you want

We want you to enjoy that.

After all

You chose to have that

So enjoy it.

And this is my point.

If you are not enjoying it, why are you doing it?

If you are enjoying it?


Don’t beat yourself up.

What did you learn?

Would you do anything differently next time?

And if not? Great.

If yes?

What can you do to apply that today?


I will share the curious case of the 4pm bag of crisps


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