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Well done, Paulyne 😱

All down to small, daily habits 💪

And it reminded me of something..

You see, a few times a year I lecture at Oxford Brookes University 

To undergraduate and postgraduate nutrition students…

Essentially talking about what we do inside our Fit For Life Programme 

To help you do the things you know you need to do 

And the work I’ve done in Public Health and the NHS in Type 2 Diabetes.

To help translate science into things we can actually DO…

And it’s a nice reminder to me everytime I do it

That the ladies who get the best results?

Take action.

That’s it. No matter how small.

I always talk about how one lady who completely transformed her body shape 

Not because of some fad supplement she gets paid to sell 

But by keeping her toaster out of sight (and my constant reminders and accountability)

Which made  her aware of what she does, almost subconsciously (especially around 5pm when HANGER sets in after work)

And I was reminded of the fact it’s often the simple things that work…

 by Paulyne last week who  posted in our private support area:

“ Before and up to date photos – just got to keep going and chipping away an inch and a pound at a time – thanks Matt for your help and encouragement”

Check out her results below 👏👏


And the best thing about this?

There’s been no crazy dieting 

Just consistently focussing in getting 1% better

Each day.

That’s it.

And that’s pretty much all we do inside our 4 Week Kickstart programme for ladies over 40

Who know what to do but still don’t do it…

Want results like Paulyne and co?

Send a message over with “Marlborough”, “Devizes”, or “Burbage”

And I’ll get you the relevant details for our November Pre Christmas Kickstart

Matt “simple-minded” Fruci