Well done, Julia. 

Going from:

❌Never sticking to classes as they were too long or too far away

❌Struggling to stick to any diet clubs

To now…

✅Finding exercise fun which she fit into her lifestyle

✅Ditching the ‘no point continuing’ mindset which keeps you stuck (when you think ‘I missed a class’ or ‘had too many biscuits’ so may as well give up

✅Clothes fitting better

✅ New friends

✅And slowly losing weight without really changing much

Want to join Julia and co and see what it is all about?

If case you missed it yesterday,

We are putting on a FREE 5-Day Kickstart beginning on Monday 9th January 

Specifically from women 40+ who pretty much know what to do already but need the plan and accountability to do it

Details here:


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