Weight creeping on?

I was chatting to one of the ladies the other day in her kickstart one to one

^^ something we do at the start of your journey to put a plan together for you .

And she mentioned how over the years her weight has crept on.

Which then led us into setting her goals for this crazy time of the year.

Because the thing is,

It is not about being ‘perfect’

^^ It’s probably why we fail (the pursuit for the ‘perfect’ moment).

But actually about imperfect action.

Doing the seemingly pointless simple habits .

After all, this is the exact opposite to what happens when the weight ‘creeps’ on.

It could be as simple as consuming an extra 100 calories a day…

And we gain a lb every few months…

Which seems scary…

But what if we could do the opposite?

You see, quite often people are getting results..

But they don’t see it on the scale YET

So they think ‘It is not working’..

Forgetting that this could have well been the exact way the weight was coming on

You might not even have noticed it coming on…


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