“Watch your language” 

I remember being a kid…

Using a naughty word

And getting a ‘watch your language’..

And never did I realise just how important language was…

I mean, ever said:

“I should drink more water”

“I should eat that really but..”

“I should exercise more”

“I should go for a walk”

How do you feel when you say this?

Sounds a bit like hard work right?

Like you have sooo much to do.

Now let’s switch to it:

“I get to drink more water”

“I get to eat more veg”

“I get to exercise more”

“I get to go for a walk”

“I get to go to bed early”

Because all of these things 

Give you:

More energy

More strengthen 

Make everyday tasks easier

Make you more toned

I could go on.

And these are the things you want, right?

So is that you ‘should’ or 

Is that you GET TO do it?

It’s a reminder that you have a choice. 

And we could go deeper.

Rather than ‘there is nothing I can do about it”

Change to 

“What COULD I do?”

Rather than “why does this happen to me”

Change to 

“What does this happen FOR me”

What you say

How you talk to yourself..

Impacts what you do!


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