Want more energy? Stop doing this

I’d get up

After sleeping 4 hours

Drinking all night

And head straight to the gym at 6am…


I don’t know..

And it baffles me when I look back now

As even if I have a couple of drinks 

Or even one drink

My energy is impacted the day or even two days after..

But the things, if I dwell on what I used to be able to do ..

It wastes energy …

Why am I sharing this?

Well, when speaking to some of the ladies in our one to one kickstarts 

^^ what we do to put together your starting plan in the 28 Day kickstart, message me with ‘kickstart’ and I will get you the details

I can see it in body language 

And the tone of voice

Of how draining it is to say things like:

“When I used to be [insert weight you were when 20]”

“When I used to be [insert exercise you used to do]”

It is draining..

And it CAN be inspiring for some..

But sometimes?

It does nothing by drain our energy.

Stopping us from doing the ONE thing that will be productive today..

Starting at the start

^^ read that again

Meeting yourself where you are at right now…

So you can overcome the nerves

Stop worrying about what you used to do 

And focus on the only thing that exists..


What you do TODAY..

Because when you do this?

This is what gets you the results you want.

Which is exactly what we get you doing inside our 28 Day Kickstart


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