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[video] how Caroline overcome her fears to drop a dress size & ditch the bloating

I caught up with Caroline yesterday, who joined our Kickstart Programme in September and is now a dress size down, less bloated and gone from not wanting to do any exercise because she was worried she couldn’t do it

To now doing push ups 🤟😱

Here’s what we discussed:

➡ What fears Caroline had before starting something new (and how she overcome them)

➡ How she managed to reduce her bloating and digestive issues

➡ Why Caroline added fish to her diet

➡ How to create an exercise routine (even if you don’t want any exercise that involves too much impact due to injuries / joints like Caroline)

➡ Why mobility is so important in aging

➡ What Caroline does if she has a bad day

Plus, much, much more

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I hope you find this helpful!

And again, well done Caroline. 

As she says herself. 

Anyone can do this 

But it sure helps having the support of the lovely ladies inside our community 

Who – as Caroline – mentions have become friends all on the same journey

Just focussing on being the best version of themselves.

And it’s stories like this which just give me so much energy to help as many ladies as possible.

We’re down to the last 6 places for our 28 Day Emergency Home Workout programme (we have to cap it because this isn’t just an app with some videos as I just don’t feel comfortable doing that, this is about support and accountability to help you do the things that you probably know you should do)

If you want more details?

Reply with “28 Day” and I’ll get you the details 

Matt “excited” Fruci