Turn negativity into positivity…

The kids were crying…

Whack, back, boom….

All I heard as the kids fell off of my back..

As they rode on my back together around the bedroom before bed

With me shamelessly dressed in a onesie unicorn..

In fact, I was the ‘Easter Unicorn’..

I felt a slight tilt..

And suddenly there was a few whacks..

As they fell into the back of a bed and some cupboards..


They were both holding their hips, knees, ankles, and heads.


And looking for help.

Only to see me, dressed as a unicorn..

Anyway, after a few minutes, they calmed down..

And realised their bones were not broken../

“I don’t think my bones are broken”

^^ the 4 year old said 

Why am I sharing this?

Well, it led to a powerful reframe and lesson (something we do inside our Kickstart programme).

I asked them:

“What could we do differently next time?”

To which they said:

“We could put cushions and make a track so if we fall off, we fall on to the cushions”

Which was a great idea. 

And I said to them that this is called a reframe. 

Where you look at something perceived as being ‘negative’

But actually see that it is a POSITIVE…

Because of the lessons you get from it. 

Never has there been such a deep message from a unicorn…

But in all seriousness it is SOOOOO true. 

And one of the most powerful tools for building resilience and applying perspective to situations so we don’t REACT

But rather respond and learn…

Here are some questions to help you reframe perceived negative events today:

1.What happened / what is happening? (describe the event e.g. I am feeling ill but everything was going so well)

2. Why is it positive? (e.g. I can’t exercise today which is frustrating but I can prepare some meals for next week so when I am busy and normally grab something, I have some options)

3. What lesson can you extract from it? (e.g. there is always a positive, I just have to decide to look for it)

4. How will you apply that moving forward and WHEN? (I will go through these questions whenever I feel myself responding negatively)

Small habits, compound effect

Matt ‘Unicorn’ Fruci

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