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Try this to control comfort eating

Got this message from one of the ladies this week:

“Indeed, sometimes having that one bar of chocolate/cake saves bingeing later.”

A few things I want to touch on here:

1–> Without defining what a “good” day looks like, it’s so easy to beat yourself up because 

We compare ourself to this perfect illusion which doesn’t exist

Leaving us feeling guilty about not “being good”

Without knowing what “being good” actually is.

Can you see how that sets you up for failure?

2–> try this:

Rather than say “don’t eat it” 

And beat yourself up if you eat it, 

Give yourself permission to have the thing you want,

Be it chocolate, crisps or wine..


Just define what you’re going to have and when:

“I will have a [insert snack] today”

If you don’t want it?

No problem. 

If you want it?

Have it.

The permission is there.

Rather than some big battle in your head

“Should have it?”

“I’m lazy” 

“I have no willpower”

You put it into your plan..

Because this has to be your plan.

Not mine

Not a cookie cutter plan from the internet

(This is why we have a one to one to help get you started on our 28 Day Home Kickstart, message with “28 Day” for the details by the way )

Sure, it may seem slower this way 

But it’s actually faster

If you consider that you can keep it up

Rather than the exhausting “good day” / “bad day cycle..

Truth is, you will have days where you don’t do what you said you would.

The difference between someone who gets results and someone who doesn’t?

Simply, the time dwelling on it…

Reality is that a chocolate bar is about 250 calories. That’s the same as an apple and a banana (ish)..

Perspective is everything.

So next time you label yourself as having 

“No willpower”


“Had a rubbish day”


You may simply notice it more than before…

Hear me out,

When you’re conscious about “being healthy” / “being good”

Your subconscious may have this “all or nothing” mentality in the background 

Meaning that you notice every “bad” thing you do…

Leaving you to focus on the “bad” rather than the facts..


You may have drank more water, done some exercise, eaten more veggies etc

You have a choice right now, in that moment which will dictate how you feel:

If  you quit now you’ll end up back where you started, 

Back where you were desperate to get where you are now.


If you’re a  lady over 40 or 50, who wants to get fit, stay sane and drop a dress size in the next 4 weeks while on lock down, and wants to have lots of support and fun along the way, our “28 Day LIVE Home Kickstart”, may be a good fit.

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Matt “good day?” Fruci