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This is big, our new normal [home workout schedule revealed]

It looks like this situation is the new normal (for now, anyway)

For some, reality is setting in.

Anxiety through the roof.

I am keeping optimistic ..

Although if we look at other counties?

It looks like lockdown may be another 3 weeks yet..

And that things might not be back to normal for even 6-12 months…

So we are hoping for the best and preparing for the worst.

AND we are all VERY aware that keeping fit and healthy has never been more important.

Not to mention sleep

(even one poor night’s sleep impacts your immune system)..

But despite this?

Some of us are eating more junk than normal 

(I get it is difficult if others have brought it into the house)

We are drinking more than normal…

But one thing that has come from this?

Is the emphasis on our health and fitness right now..

This was from the BBC the other day:

“Coronavirus: Stay fit to fight the virus, say medics

“Experts at the Centre for Perioperative Care (CPOC) say a healthy diet will reduce the risk of becoming severely ill with the virus…..people should exercise, have alcohol-free days and quit smoking. Such measures could make it less likely they’d be admitted to intensive care, say experts”

I guess the only things we can do?

Stay at home

Stay as healthy as possible..

And by the way, this doesn’t mean being ‘perfect’

Because beating yourself up is a part of being ‘unhealthy’..

So on that note, I want to update you about our New Home Workout Programme.

This week we have released our new LIVE workout Schedule, and we have only 6 places left to start from next week.

The schedule is here for you to see: CLICK HERE 

In addition to our signature Low Impact, Yet Effective Workouts, designed specifically for ladies over 40, our NEW home workout schedule now includes:

✅  “No floor’ workouts (where everything is from standing)

✅Boxing and Abs

✅ Quiz night (alcohol allowed haha)

✅ Upper Body Tone and Sculpt

✅ Stretchology 

✅ Meditation

✅ Mindset and Motivation Q and A

✅ Coffee morning (no sambuca in your coffee))

That’s all for today.

If you’re a  lady over 40 or 50, who wants to get fit, stay sane and drop a dress size in the next 4 weeks while on lock down, and wants to have lots of support and fun along the way, our “28 Day LIVE Workout at Home Programme”, may be a good fit.

For more info, reply with ’28 day’ and I’ll get you the details 

*Please note: We are down to our LAST 6 PLACES for next week

(this is because we start off with a one to one where we put your starting plans together so I cannot take more than this)  


PS.  The response from the ladies has been FANTASTIC!  . . . . . 

“Glad to be back with Fruci Fit.  Am enjoying the sessions.” Maria 

“Thank you . I only joined a week before the lockdown and feel sooo lucky that I did. This is amazing, have done 2 sessions and another tomorrow. Looking forward to trying out barre.”  Sandra

“I think the new exercises are great. The only thing is getting up and down It’s an age thing. This morning was a bit better as you stayed down for a few exercises then up for some, it’s better for me and others I suspect. But all in all I like it, thank you so much for your extraordinary work with all this. 

You are a star!!



“The on line classes are brilliant, something for everyone. Just keep doing what you’re doing.”  Karen 

“Great. Thank you all for all your hard work. Keeping us all activity and motivated. Keep well. Take care xx” Mel

“It took me a long time to muster up the courage to join your programme. Menopause has had a pretty devastating effect on me. Not only has my muscle tone seriously diminished but it has taken my confidence. I knew I should try exercising again but doubted it would help me. Also I was really worried about walking into a class. It’s unfortunate the virus hit and I didn’t get to many classes. However the online workouts are just great especially if I make a live one. I really feel a part of the group. After one month I am feeling stronger and can see small but significant changes in my body. I’m lucky to have a dog and I find I’m walking further and faster

I am also trying to increase my lunchtime protein and snack less. I’m enjoying my food more I think because I’m hungry when I eat

So thanks for all the time and effort you put into the group. My aim is to do a few more live 7am slots..”