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They keep changing the rules

It’s back to work for most people today…


Everyone rushing around..

I get that…

Annoying right?

But why make things even harder?

You wouldn’t would you…

That’s exactly why me and Mrs Fruci had a clearout of socks…

And pretty much now only own black socks…

Sounds boring..

But with 2 kids

And piles of washing..

This is a lifesaver…

Because the quicker this takes

And then less choices I have to make?

The less willpower I need

And the easier my mornings (or evenings before where I get everything ready) are…

You see, it might insignificant…

Like it doesn’t matter.

But all tasks like this add up…

They take a little piece of your energy and patience.

Energy and patience that could have been spent on YOU..

Being a better version of you…

And it reminded of a chat I had with one of the ladies ready to get started on our 4-Week Kickstart Programme next week 

(reply with ‘Devizes’, ‘Marlborough’ or ‘Burbage’ BTW and I’ll get you the details)

When we chatting about her she felt they kept changing the rules on diets that had worked for her in the past.

One minute you can eat as much as you like of a food.

And then next you can’t…

Putting loads of different foods into categories. 

Where she can’t help but label them as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ (more on that and comfort eating another day).

She ends up confused when she sticks to it

And nothing changes…

As all they tell her is that ‘she must not being doing it as it always works’…

Then she just thinks ‘F it’…

All that effort and willpower for ‘nothing’

Especially when all of the focus is on weight (more on that another day)

Rather than getting fitter

How she feels

Her energy 

Time for her

Her mindset and how she talks to herself

Her relationship with food

Her fulfilment (rather than highs and lows which WILL pass which makes them a dangerous emotion to react to)


Bone density

How easy (or hard) everyday tasks like climbing stairs

I could go on..

Because when you focus on how you feel, your habits, self-awareness, and your energy?

Guess what usually happens to your fat loss goals?

You hit them 

because you can stick to it for long enough to see the results you want to see …

Especially when you put your attention on how your efforts not only impact YOU

But the loved ones around you…

It’s something that I find really motivates me to look after me…

Because just like the ladies always tell me…

They feel that everyone else needs them so they don’t have time..

But what if everyone else needs you so you have to look after you?

Matt ‘matching socks’ Fruci