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The truth about red wine…

So I caught up with PhD Researcher, Rianne Costello last week

To speak about her research into polyphenols..

Which are found in….

Wait for it…

Red wine ☺

Before you get too excited…

Here is what we discussed:

✅ A simple drink you can have before bed that might help you sleep and boost recovery 

✅ The truth about red wine….

✅ Is more vitamin C better?

✅ 5 things you can do to help you recover and reduce the uncomfortable soreness feeling that exercise can sometimes provide

✅ What to do if you have digestive issues / IBS and want to get more fruit and veggies in

✅ Blood pressure, cholesterol and ways to lower this…

✅ Carbs and they CAN actually be beneficial in helping recovery…

Plus, much, much more 

You can watch it by CLICKING HERE

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Or Android HERE 


Matt ‘red, red wiiiinne’ Fruci