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The secret to getting results?

This might be the only thing you read today

Which is not related to Black Friday….

But following on from yesterday…

I wanted to sharing something with you today which might just be the secrets to getting results long term:

“On a scale of 1-10, how confident are you sticking to the plan?”

Why am I sharing this?

Well, is this the secret?

Creating a plan where you are 10/10 for how confident you are that you can stick to it, might just be the key..

You see:

1- Most people (no matter where you live) gain weight in the holiday season

2- Most people do not have a plan…

3- Most people don’t believe they can reach their goals (probably because they gained more weight during the holidays and now have more to lose so feel disheartened even after losing 7lbs in a week on a detox diet in January…)

4- Most people don’t take action (maybe because it is too hard or not the ‘perfect’ moment)

And speaking of this, I had a chat with one of the ladies on our Pre Christmas Habit Challenge 

(reply with ‘Christmas and I will get you the details to start next week)

And she mentioned that she thinks it will be hard during this time of the year..

So asked ‘how come?’

And her response was interesting:

She felt she had to have a pudding on the meals out 

(not necessarily because she wanted one but because everyone else was having one)

“It is ‘paid for’ already so I may as well have it”

“don’t want to be boring”

^^^ ever had that?

Isn’t it interesting that there is almost ‘health and fitness shaming’?

And the thing is, I am not saying do not eat out and enjoy yourself.

What I am saying is make the choice that makes you happy.

And I mean makes YOU happy (not someone else).

So take home today:

Make a clear, simple plan…

Here are some examples I set with some of the ladies this past week:

“I will have pudding when I eat out at peoples houses rather than restaurants”

“I will only drink when I am out or have guests (max 3 times a week) as when I drink I feel rubbish the next day”

And just get started.

Picture what might be different come January…

That sense of achievement …

The feeling of being in control of your food again.

There is nothing more rewarding than doing what you said you would do…

Just make sure you are 10/ 10 confident you can do it (no matter how small)

After all, small habits, compound effect.