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the one thing

I used to love circling the toys I wanted when I was a kid in the Argos catalogues (do they still exist?)

But here’s something that might surprise you…

The average 10 year old owns 238 toys…but plays with 12 of them

And I see similar stuff already with my daughter (and she’s not even in 3)

It’s why we swap the toys over quite often and just have a few things out at once.

So she knows what she has

And we’ll do the same with her new toys…

Because when you try to play with everything at once?

You don’t know what you’ve got…

You’re always looking to see if there’s anything else.

Something better.

More exciting.

More flashy..

To the extent that you never actually start playing..

Bit like me when I look at Netflix..

By the time I’ve chosen what to watch

I fall asleep…

Why am I bringing this up?

Well, it’s a bit like some of these diets out there that get you to think you have to do it all at once…

The exercise for hours, give up your favourite foods

Count everything 

My way or the high way type of diets.. ..

Of course, there has to be some compromise…

But why not start off with the minimum amount of work and effort you have to do to get some results?

Especially if your issue is keeping it going? 

This way, it’s easier to stick to as it’s not some massive change that you can’t sustain…

It’s not so time consuming…

And you haven’t exhausted all of your options to lose weight and get fit on day 1…

meaning that when things do slow down?

You can just make a small tweak and go again

Cool thing about this?

It gets you away from thinking “all or nothing”

And instead thinking “something is better than nothing”

Or my favourite:

“half assed is better than no assed”

Even on Christmas Eve 🎅

Be it going for a walk

Filling your plate with veggies 

Increasing your protein 

Waiting 20 minutes before going for seconds 

Or drinking a glass of water before each meal or purple Quality Street 😉 

Small habits, compound effect 👌

Matt ‘Toys R Us’ Fruci