Call me a big kid but for Fathers Day we

All went to Cotswold Wildlife Park just this weekend gone.

Love it there..

When we actually get there, that is…😂😂

Gutted there was no discount for big kids though 😭

Anyway. I had  a few early morning one to one coaching sessions before that early on Saturday 

And then checked in to our live yoga session we had in the private group for the ladies so they can it in the comfort of their own home 

 (which in the words of one of the ladies: “I didn’t realise just how much I needed that” and “I didn’t think I would ever be able to do yoga”)

So when I got home?

It was military operation time to finish the kids breakfast, pack the picnic, get the babies changed, and pack the car

“We’ll be set off in half an hour” I said to Mrs Fruci


Not quite..

First up we couldn’t find one of my daughters shoe…

Literally looked everywhere…

Apart from – of course – the bottom of the overflowing  washing basket …

When did she put it in there?

Second up…

All ready to go and

Now it’s a hunt for the Sun hat…

Mind you, it’s been wellies and coats this summer so far…

Anyway, we finally set off

despite the stress of it all 

And even wondering 

If there’s any point in even going by the time we set off 

(I’m that slow 😂)

And I’m thinking we will just get there and it will be lunch time…

It’ll be busy

We won’t see any 🦁 

And – basically – it’ll be a waste of time because it’s too late..

A bit like what most people think about getting in shape for summer 

And kickstarting their health and fitness habits 

To feel better about the way they look and feel.

And it’s why I’m opening up my 4 Week Summer Fit kickstart programme on Friday with a flexible 2 week starting point 

Specifically for ladies 40+ who struggle to get motivated and do the things they know they need to do…

This isn’t about giving you more information.

But about getting you to take action so you kickstart your health and fitness habits this Summer

After all, repetition is the mother of all skills. 

The more time you hear something, the more you take it in, the better. 

(That’s why focus so much on support, encouragement and accountability) 

Sure, new information sometimes leads to new results but only if you execute.

This is why it has to be both personalised to you and convenient 

Which is why we’ve added in some bonus extras 

Including live workouts and live yoga sessions you can do anywhere anytime 

(Even if you have knee, hip or joint issues)

And done for you meal plans to kickstart your results and create structure 

(One less thing to think about so you can cross it off your TO DO list)

Not to mention DAILY coaching from me…to keep you accountable and do what you said you would do..

Up to 12 sessions with me in a fun and supportive environment 

Where it’s not about comparing yourself to someone else

But about being the best version of you!

And if you want to start before July 8th?

And if you want to start before July 8th?

It’ll be £18 cheaper than what it will be on 8th July…

We are nearly at capacity already

But I have 4 spaces opening up.

After they’re gone?

You can still have a one to one with me to go over how you might get started…

But I am not sure when you can start

I’ll have the full details later in the week

But if you want more info now (as I only have 4 spaces for this)?

Just comment below or message me and I’ll get you the details.

Matt ‘big kid’ FrucI

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