The blood sugar diet…

We’ve just released a brand new diet at Fruci Fit called 

‘The blood sugar diet’

If your blood sugar levels go up after eating a food?

You should never eat it..

And give it up.

Ok, ok 

April Fools…

We know from research that despite diets out there claiming to have the answers…

Your blood sugar response to a food is not as important as you might think (when compared to what it is on average over a 3 month / 6 month / 12 month period)

And also dependent on a lot of things:

→ eating protein and fat with a meal will decrease your blood sugar response

→ If you lack sleep, this may change your blood sugar response

→ if you workout, this could impact your response to foods for up to 48 hours

→ Stress can impact your blood sugar levels

→ medications 

I could go on…

In fact, it was fascinating hearing about some of the research a few weeks ago at a nutrition event myself and the Fruci Fit team went to in London, listening to the likes of Dr Nicola Guess, who is practising and doing research into this area, speaking about the latest research coming out. 

My advice?

Question everything..

Question everyone..

Even me 🙂


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